TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy)

The new Arthrex TPLO Locking Plate is designed with several new features, which allow the surgeon easier and more consistent plate placement and offer the option of a knotless antirotational lateral stabilization technique (InternalBraceTM) in dogs with severe stifle instability.

  • – Locking screws proximally and distally
  • – Locking TPLO plate with InternalBrace ligament augmentation option
  • – New shape and additional features designed to facilitate optimal plate positioning
  • – Laser-line assists in proper placement

Surgical Technique Guide    

TPLO Plate System


Weight Range Suggestions

13-19 kg Standard 2.7 ATPLO 26-41lbs

20-29 kg Small 3.5 ATPLO 41-63lbs

30-39 kg Standard 3.5 ATPLO 63-86lbs

40-50 kg Broad 3.5 ATPLO 86-110lbs

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