Manual Resection

Manual Resection

With over 100 tip configurations, curves and diameters, in either WishBone or Series I ring handle styles, Arthrex offers the most comprehensive options for manual resec- tion instruments in the industry. Made to the highest quality requirements in the world by Arthrex California Inc, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all Arthrex arthroscopy instruments.

440 grade carbon steel cutting edges with vindictive sharpness, are smaller and stronger, and sensitive enough to allow a surgeon actual, tactile feel of tissue quality prior to resection.

You will feel the difference in your hands.

Arthrex Arthroscopy Instruments are available in two handle configurations:

– WishBoneTM
– Series 1

We have listed the most commonly used ones in the Veterinary market. For the complete range, please go to or the following brochure
Handheld Arthroscopy Instruments

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