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How to tension the swivelock
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Swivelock 5.5 and 4.75 drill bit, is it the same?
Yes, the spade drill bit (AR-1927D) is the same for both 4.75 and 5.5 mm swivelock. The internal diameter of the anchors are the same. The exterior thread diameter is larger and this is why they have their own tap (AR-1927CTB for 5.5mm and AR-2324PTB for 4.75mm).

Swivelock sizes and colours:
The Swivelock anchors and accessories are colour coded to make it convenient.
Blue5.5mm Swivelock anchor
Green – 4.75mm Swivelock anchor
Black – 3.5mm Swivelock anchor

Swivelock Convenience Kit- what is in it?
The convenience kit contains 5 anchors, 6 strands of FiberTape and 5 suture buttons


At what Tibial Plateau Angle (TPA) should I be using Tightrope?
The TPA needs to be measured prior to surgery. Tightrope has greatest results with a TPA of 30 degrees or less.

How do I measure the TPA?
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Proper techniques for acquiring the blood:
Needle: 19-20G needle is recommended
Transferring from Syringe to IRAP II kit: When placing the pulled blood into the IRAP hold it at a 45 degree angle and put the blood in

Make sure that after the blood is pulled it is placed in the incubator within 1-1.5 hours and isn’t around extreme heat prior to incubation

Temperature: 37 degrees
Time: 20-22 hrs. (Anything over 24 hrs. incubation will not product serum)
Horizontal Incubation (red top down)
-Vertical incubation still okay, however you have a higher chance of the clot being in the way after centrifugations.

Spin with the white/clear side down. Allows the meniscus to be over the red side of the syringe. Clot will be furthest away from the clear tip

What Spin Speed do I use for IRAP II?
4,000 rpm
*Spin time is 10 minutes
Arthrex IRAP™ II – Autologous Blood Processing System

Issues with a Clot:
Clot is in the way of the serum?
4,000 rpm for 10 minutes and if a clot is still present you can try to re spin at 4,500 rpm for 10 minutes to get rid of/drop the clot

Individual doses may be used immediately or frozen at or less than -18°C for administration at a later date.

IRAP II Serum can be frozen for up to 12 months.

If the serum has been taken out of the freezer and thawed you could still put it back in the freezer to be refrozen if it’s been within 60 minutes.

IRAP II Steps:
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What does ACP Stand for:
Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) is a platelet-rich plasma that is extracted from autologous blood using centrifugation

ACP Steps:
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What Spin Speed do I use for ACP?
Equine- 1,100 rpm
Canine- 1,500 rpm
*Spin time is 5 minutes for both
Arthrex Vet Systems – ACP Technique guide

Setting the brake step (turning the brake off)?
Canine blood processed in the Hettich ROTOFIX 32 A centrifuge has a potential for a greater yield when the brake is turned off.
ACP Centrifuge User Manual
Follow the manual, Step 13- Setting the brake step

Meniscal Instruments

How do you insert the Stifle Distractors into the Stifle Joint
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Fluid Management

Why would I use the ReDuce tubing system with my fluid pump?
ReDeuce Tubing is a cost-effective, two-part tubing system that allows the pump tubing to stay in place through the surgical day, which saves time, fluid and tubing costs

Online Videos

Where can I find Arthrex Vet Systems videos?
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